Thiết bị điều trị da bằng tia UV

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Thiết bị điều trị da bằng tia UV

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  • A convenient medium sized device featuring actual sensor-guided dosimetry.
  • The device enables small practices to perform full body treatments.
  • The device is equipped with a dosimetry, which adjust treatment time in real-time.
  • This allows a very accurate dosage, making treatments reliable and safe.
  • An easy-to-use microcontroller allows you to input the dosage in J / cm². The device automatically calculates the therapy time for you.
  • Its safe and easy handling makes it ideal for home therapy.
  • The low arrangement of the tubes specifically improves the treatment of the lower limbs.
  • The highly efficient aluminum reflector maximizes the output of the tubes. The treatment time is shortened and energy is saved.
  • The built-in electronic starters prolong the service time of the lamps. This reduces operating costs long-term.
  • Despite the compact size, the OCTAderm provides an excellent therapy with 8 full size UV tubes.
  • The small form factor makes the device perfect for treatment rooms of any size. Rubberized wheels allow the OCTAderm to be moved between treatment
  • The device can only be operated with a key switch to prevent unauthorized access
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